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Posted 9 months ago

Who we are Dorik is an easy-to-use, flexible, affordable website building platform used by thousands of users. Our mission is to allow people around the world to build websites easily and affordably. ...


We work round the clock to get you the job placement you need. We work with niche industries which allows us to invest fully in your specific career objectives. As a result, our specialists get the best outcomes for our candidates.

Part Time
Full Time

How are we different?

Industry Specialists

Because we focus on a few niche industries, this makes us masters of our craft. It gives us the opportunity to study related trends, current affairs as well as future changes that will shape and influence your career goals.

Recession Proof Industries

We only deal with recession proof essential services industries. This gives our candidates peace of mind and the knowledge that they can count on us to get them connected to the right employer regardless of the economic conditions.

Core strength

The way we look for work as well as hire staff is increasingly changing. Post 2020, we have seen an increase in remote staffing as organisations round the globe fast development their continuity strategy. At Sky Recruitment, our core strength is flexibility. We are always ready to staff remote roles where required.

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